Ayagi endprofile

Our cladding material is built with the same durable composite material. It's aluminum skeleton offers a strong fastening point with the underling sheathing structure. Not only is it a rigorous waterproof defense against the outdoor elements it also offers a small R factor on the outside of the building. We make ship-lap jointed versions of the S3S HAZ218 / HAP218 for custom orders.

Ayagi endprofile

Ayagi 34mm louver material can be used as open-joint cladding that is becoming increasingly popular. A black Weather resistant barrier (WRB) offers the needed sealed waterproofing over the architecture; while louvers offers the cladding system.

Here we see a house that uses louvers in three situations. One for partial light and privacy over a windown. Two as a enclosing fence on a patio. And three in the entrance way, the material is added on top of a black WRB. And, as shown working with colors and lines provides a welcome break from the monototy found in some modern buildings.

Dimensional material

Cladding is best accomplished in the 20 mm and 34mm thick material. Take note to select S3S (Surfaced 3 sides) or S4S (Surfaced 4 sides) as several dimensions offer both finishes.

Series 20
  • HAZ212 / HAP212 - A 120mm ( ~ 5 1/8) wide board for either closed or open joint claddding ( S3S / S4S ).
  • HAZ215 - A board at 150mm ( ~ 5 7/8 inch) for either closed or open joint claddding ( S3S ).
  • HAZ218 / HAP218 - A board at 180mm ( ~ 7 1/8 inch) for either closed or open joint claddding ( S3S / S4S ).
Series 34
  • HAZ34 - A 40mm (~ 1 5/8 inch ) near square board used for louver-style open joint cladding ( S4S ).
  • HAZ37 - A 75mm (~ 3 inch ) wide alternative to the louver-style open joint cladding ( S4S ).