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The magic of louvers

Is there too much light in your life

Windows are tremendous givers of space. But with windows come light, heat and lack of privacy. It's time for the unsung hero of architectural devices. Louvers are used increasingly on exterior wall a over a sun-drenched window. One side of the house is facing the neighbours; no problem at all. The individual slats can be angled to provide the ideal amount of light, heat and privacy into a space.

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Dimensional material

Louvers require S4S material that is close to square in dimensions. Take note to select S4S (Surfaced 4 sides).

Series 34
  • HAZ34 - A 40mm (~ 1 5/8 inch ) near square board used for louvers ( S4S ).
  • HAZ37 - A 75mm (~ 3 inch ) wide alternative that can be used on terminating ends ( S4S ).
Series 50
  • HAZ55 - A square 50 x 50 ( ~ 2 x 2 inch) ideal for strong robust louvers ( S4S ).